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Hight Quality Likes

Real and Much Active

100% Safe

No Password Required

Instant Delivery

24/7 Support

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Hight Quality Likes

Real and Much Active

100% Safe

No Password Required

Instant Delivery

24/7 Support

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Hight Quality Likes

Real and Much Active

100% Safe

No Password Required

Instant Delivery

24/7 Support

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Free Trial









Hight Quality Likes

Real and Much Active

100% Safe

No Password Required

Instant Delivery

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Hight Quality Likes

Real and Much Active

100% Safe

No Password Required

Instant Delivery

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Hight Quality Likes

Real and Much Active

100% Safe

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Why IntaaFollowers?

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Be relived to learn that all of your Likes are people who actually breathe. That means more engagement!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I Buy Likes?

When it comes to winning publicity, social media can be a competitive environment.

Whether you’re a corporation, an influencer, or an average person, thousands of other people are still vying for the same audience as you.

That makes it hard to gain brand recognition and to succeed without any support on Instagram. So let us take on the job and make the process simpler for you.

How much time does it take to get started?

We have simplified the process so you can get new followers at the earliest opportunity.

Rather than asking you to jump through the hoops and waste your validating time, all we need is your Instagram username and what package you would like to receive.

Within moments of your order, you’ll begin to see the enormous growth of organic followers than ever before.

Would this block my account?

Definitely not! You can rest assured with instaafollowers that your account will remain safe under our supervision.

This is not something that many of our other rivals can guarantee, because many of them use shady tactics that violate the Terms of Service in Instagram.

By using security measures that work with the Instagram algorithm rather than against it, we prevent these kinds of problems.

What Is the Quality Of the Likes?

Yeah, with us you get only the best. Too many other businesses are getting away with selling low-quality and virtually useless people.

That is what distinguishes us from the rest of the pack.

We agree that having higher levels of real engagement is the biggest reason people want more followers. And we deliver exactly that, no matter what size bundle you want.

Will it help my company to grow?

Absolutely. Consider this if you are a regular Instagram user checking out other accounts, who would you be more likely to follow?

A 10-following account or a 1000-following account?

It is what we call “media evidence.”

A higher count of followers shows them you’re putting out quality content that’s worth holding on.

People tend to be more likely to join a supportive crowd than to be straying away from it.

Why InstaaFollowers?

InstaaFollowers is made up of a team of Social Media development specialists.

We have over a decade of experience together, and since it launched in 2011, we have been struggling with Instagram events.

We’re still going as fast as ever, with millions of happy customers since.

Our data show that our methods are far more effective than advertising on Instagram! If this isn’t persuasive enough, take a peek at our analysis below.



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Never Thought this Platform could give such an amazing services. I am regularly buying their services Fast and Accurate. Highly Recommended These guys dare really delivering what they are committing.
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by 6875 Review​

Amazing Service Really impressed and defiantly i am recommending these guys my profile is sky rocking and i am getting Instagram promotional offers. thanks to these guys.
buy tiktok Followers
John Doe
Never Thought this Platform could give such an amazing services. I am regularly buying their services Fast and Accurate. Highly Recommended These guys dare really delivering what they are committing.
buy tiktok followers
Mila Kunis
Fitness Trainer

Buy Facebook Likes: Do You Really Need It? This Will Help You Decide!

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More than 98% of our clients give us a rating of “Excellent”

Buying Facebook Likes is a very common act today. We live in a world of social networks.

 It doesn’t matter if you are an influencer, an artist, or perhaps a small company that wants to show their work, Buying Facebook Likes is the best method to gain relevance.

We will provide you with the Likes and Followers you deserve to help you build your social presence.

This Guide will Tell you all pros and cons and then decide whether you want to buy facebook likes or not.

Buy Real Active Facebook Likes

buy Facebook likesWe make a very useful service available to users to quickly grow on social networks. Having a small number of followers on your page may suggest that your activity is recent or not well known. Buying Facebook Like will help you promote your image and promote your page with your future visitors. With more Followers, your circuit naturally generates more advertising, business, and awareness. This can be a great way to promote your business or brand and get ahead of the competition. Post engaging content, and you will see the results!

What will You get In Buying Of Facebook Likes?​

  • 100% real Likes
  • Huge booster of notoriety
  • Great exhibition
  • Instant interaction
  • Honest and natural techniques
  • Profiles with photos, bio, friends, and news

Why choose Instaafollowers to have Facebook Likes?

We are a group of experts with many years of experience in social media and online promotion. If there’s one thing we are passionate about, it’s also about helping people get attention on social media. Since Facebook, we have established a perfect relationship with our customers, and we continue this relationship with many new customers every day.

Today we offer you very affordable prices that defy all competition

1 – Compliant Services

All our services respect the conditions of use of social networks, so there is absolutely no risk for your pages and profiles. 97% of our customers regularly recommend us to their loved ones.

2 – Secure payment

Buy your likes, followers, and views securely with our PayPal payment system. Thus, you make payments with a transaction system known for maximum security HTTPS (SSL).

3 – Quick delivery

Our orders run automatically after your checkout, all you need to do is focus on your marketing strategy and wait a few minutes before your order is delivered.

4 – Unbeatable prices

Increase your Instagram fans by hundreds or thousands by choosing the package that best suits your marketing needs. We are always trying to lower our costs to keep our prices as low as possible on the French web.

5 – Increase your sales

Increasing your fan base can improve your brand image and boost your ranking, which can translate into phenomenal growth in web traffic and sales

6 – Do I need to provide passwords?


Under no circumstances should you provide or deliver any type of password to receive the service.

7 – When do I receive my Likes?

Once the payment is confirmed, you will receive your order progressively in a maximum time of 24 hours and mostly instantaneously if the system is not processing other orders. After completing the service, you will receive a confirmation email again.

8 – Are the users real?

Yes, the users are real. There are two types of Likes services. The normal service that mixes all kinds of active and inactive profiles. And the high-quality HQ service that provides high follower permanence.

9 – Is it profitable to buy social followers?

Yes. Currently, it is a great Online Marketing tool. 

Also, having fans gives popularity and inspires the confidence necessary for other users to be attracted to and interested in their accounts.

10 – What do I do if I’m not satisfied?

If you are not satisfied, you can contact us at [email protected]  indicating the reason for your dissatisfaction and we will refund your money, provided that it justifies a breach by our company.

11 – Quality

All the likes we deliver are 100% real and 100% authentic. Our outstanding reputation and credibility are reflected in the products and services we offer. We also guarantee that there will never be a loss of followers. The Instaafollowers team spend a lot of time optimizing our products, we ensure to deliver the best quality for our customers!

12 – Do I follow all the rules?

The answer is yes. As an Instagram customer, you abide by all of the rules, laws, policies relating to Instagram and Facebook, and the Terms of Service. Instaafollowers team strictly abide by these Terms of Service – No rules are violated because we provide 100% real likes with active accounts, which means you can buy with peace of mind.

Comparison Between IstaaFollowers And Others


  • No Password Required​
  • Easy to Order
  • Real Likes
  • Automatic Likes Option Included
  • Safe Marketing Methods
  • 90 Days Retention Guarantee
  • Fast and Customizable Delivery
  • 24/7 Customer Support


  • No Password Required​
  • Easy to Order
  • Bot and Inactive Profiles
  • No Automatic Likes Option
  • Your Account will be Suspended
  • No Guarantee Likes Disappear
  • Unreliable Delivery
  • Bad Customer Support

How Much Per Follower Will Cost You?



Cost Per Like




Why to Buy Facebook Likes?

Buying Like for Facebook quickly increases the number of followers on your fan page, which has several benefits: those who visit your fan page will see that it has many fans and will be better predisposed to follow you and interact, and also your fan page will position better in the ranking search results from Facebook, Google and, other search engines.

To deliver followers, we only need you to indicate the address of your fan page as it appears in your browser, for example “”.

Anyone who sells on Facebook wants to become famous and wants to socialize more can benefit from this service. You should consider buying it because:

  •         If a lot of people like your part, the number of followers on your account also increases
  •         If you sell, it will reflect your sales.
  •         You can also advertise your website by adding a link to the website under the photo you shared.
  •         Therefore, they both advertise their Facebook account and their website.
  •         Their profile is visited by real users and can be followed if they wish.
  •         With this naturally provided service, you will become more popular on Facebook

Buy Facebook Likes: 

Facebook Likes can be used for any Facebook post. If you want to have more Facebook Likes, you can buy Facebook Likes for your publications.

Buy Facebook page likes:

If you have a fan page and this page is your brand page, you need to buy Likes on the Facebook Fan Page to improve the value of your media and reach more potential customers.

Buy video views on Facebook:

You cannot find the video view service on the Internet because this service only works under the control of our company. With Facebook video views, you can make your Facebook videos more popular than ever. We recommend this service if it is a profile that mainly uses video as content on Facebook.


Facebook is the most popular and most visited social network in the world: with 1.09 billion daily consumers, it has become one of the main advertising and visibility instruments on the web. Enjoy this channel to be known, in a short time, by the general public. Increase the number of fans and likes because the larger your fan base, your status updates, posts, and photos will have more display. Increase the

Facebook is the most popular and most visited social network in the world: with 1.09 billion daily consumers, it has become one of the main advertising and visibility instruments on the web. Enjoy this channel to be known, in a short time, by the general public. Increase the number of fans and likes because the larger your fan base, your status updates, posts, and photos will have more display.

Increase the “likes” and comments for the content you publish (posts, photos, videos, etc.) because they will give your followers confidence and reputation for your company. Increase traffic volumes to you to increase the chances of growing your business. Promote your Facebook page (or your profile) to gain greater visibility at very competitive prices.

1- Real Profiles

All the interactions we provide with our packages come from real Worldwide profiles and not, endowed with photos and descriptions.

2- Quick Activation

The delivery of the service on our part begins a few minutes after the payment confirmation.

3- Immediate results

You will start to receive the interactions of the purchased package (likes, followers, comments) when we start to provide the service.

4- YOU choose the Quantity

You can create the solution most adapted to your needs by joining more packages: you can choose individual services and the quantity of each one (example: 1,000 followers, 2,000 likes and 500 comments).

5- The MORE you buy the LESS you pay

InstaaFollowers Agency rewards your trust. We take care of your demands and we want to reward you. The higher the quantity ordered, the greater the discount.


Your social statistics or products received will be permanent in your profile/inventory. And we guarantee to make up for any loss after six months from the original purchase.

Buy cheap Facebook likes

Facebook is one of the most amazing social media platforms for expressing your feelings through your posts, as well as the best way for a business to grow at a very economical pace.

But the main question is, what many people ask, where to buy cheap “likes” on Facebook? After all, Facebook likes are the only thing that makes your post and your page popular.

At this point, getting likes on Facebook becomes a crucial point.



The number of followers indicates how much your Facebook page is known and followed; that is, how many people are interested in your brand or your company. The greater the number of fans , the more interesting results in the eyes of those who do not follow you, so the latter will automatically click on “like” to be part of your community. And if you already have many likes, you don’t have to be happy, because having a constant growth trend increases the credibility of your page.



Receiving likes and comments on published content is the most important aspect of Facebook because it is the symptom of an active community. Being followed by users interested in you, and included in your reality, makes your company closer to people. Bring your (virtual) business image into a real dialogue with your fans. Get interactions for all your posts, likes, and comments on your photos, status updates, videos, etc.


If you have a personal profile and you want to become very popular (as a person, not as a company), increase the number of friends and likes in your posts through buy Facebook Likes active accounts.

You can acquire a precise number of new friends and a monthly like pass for your content, such as photos, status updates, videos, etc.

How to buy Likes on Facebook?

If instead of fans for a fan page you need Likes or followers for a personal Facebook profile, the procedure is the same as for buying fans. You just have to indicate the address of your profile and follow the steps to make the payment. Verify that your profile has the option for people to subscribe and that the current number of followers is public.

If you want other services for Facebook, such as star ratings, group members for specific posts, contact us through our contact form and we will indicate availability and prices.

About buying Facebook likes

Our automatic likes services are monthly subscriptions that allow you to have a minimum number of likes automatically in each of the publications on your fan page. You pay a fixed monthly amount and each and every one of your publications will receive the number of likes indicated minutes after the publication.

The amount of likes in the posts is important because when a Facebook user sees a publication, he always checks the amount of interactions that publication already has, and it is proven that he will be more predisposed to interact and follow the fan page if he sees that he has already there are many likes.

What benefits does buying Facebook Likes have?

Buying Facebook Likes is the fastest and most effective way to improve the positioning of your profile. Some say well that where the majority goes, we will all go. Well, the same can be applied to this social network. Once you have more than 2,000, 5,000, or 10,000 Likes on your page or Profile, everyone will want to know your secret and learn more about the content you generate.

 If you do not have enough friends who can highlight your account on Facebook, you can buy Likes packages for very little money online. Such action has several advantages from which you can make the most of. It is time to be the most popular and with the most followers on this social network. Dare yourself!

Let’s see some reasons why buying real Facebook Likes is common practice today.

Facebook has more than a billion active users per month.

More than 70% of the most viewed publications correspond to brands or products.

This platform is used by more than 80% of the brands in the United States as a means of advertising and promotion.

Facebook users are a fairly active community with a high level of interaction. Most consume the material they are observing.

The Advantages of Buying Facebook Likes

If you are a company that is starting and you want to publicize your product, buying real Facebook likes is ideal since and you choose us, so together with good content, this strategy increases the possibility of reaching more users and promoting and positioning your profile. Let’s see some of the most prominent pros of this strategy.

There are several advantages:

1- Attract more users

It may seem irrelevant to you, but the more followers a profile has, the more attractive and reliable it is for other users. Also, if your goal is to become an influencer, this is a good option to start.

2- It is an economic strategy

Price is not something you need to worry about. There are various platforms, such as Create Online Advertising, that allow you to buy cheap Facebook Likes, it all depends on the package you select and the objective you want to achieve.

On the web, you can find specialized sites for selling likes on Facebook. This is where you can get packages with different amounts of Likes, each with a certain price. Choose the one that suits you or you prefer, and you will pay just a few dollars for 1,000 new and brand-new fan, for example.

Or if you want 50,000 Likes, you will surely have to spend more money. Either way, you can pay only the fair amount according to what you need and it won’t be an astronomical figure. This is another of the great advantages of buying your own friends on Facebook.

3- Increased popularity

Once you decide to buy Facebook Likes and get a lot of them, you start to notice the consequences immediately. Since it can work to attract the attention of other followers who will follow your profile spontaneously. Little by little you will increase your popularity on the network, and everyone will want to be part of your contacts.

4- No need to waste time

It is so. You don’t have to spend too much time building new Likes through your posts and looking for others to follow you back. Buy new Facebook Likes and the number of them will increase in the coming hours. Without even lifting a finger.

Otherwise, you would have to follow and wait for the follow back from other people. Make new friends through forums or posts, or be really famous to have everyone at the bottom of your stories. Pay just a small fee, and you’ll have instant friends on Facebook.

5- Greater Visibility

If you use your Facebook profile to promote a specific brand or product, buying Likes can increase the visibility of your account. More people will want to know what you do and why, and they will be interested in knowing more than what you advertise.

Without a doubt, buying Facebook likes can have real advantages that are favorable to improve the positioning of your profile. Gain attention, with little effort and very little to pay. In this way, you will be the next star, and everyone will want to like your posts.

6- Better customer willingness

It happens that a Facebook account with few Likes and comments does not offer the trust that it should show and the problem may be simply because the account has just been created and there are no Likes on profile. The potential client may interpret that the information shown is not of quality.

On the other hand, if you see that the account does have followers, you will be more predisposed to follow the page because unconsciously, it will interpret that X people cannot be wrong and that the content shown here is of interest.

7- More profitable

Reaching this number of followers is as rewarding as it is costly at the level of effort. In fact, in some cases, even though the effort is a constant, the results do not end up coming, making this effort in vain.

Buying famous followers and likes, for example, is a faster and cheaper way of reaching many followers. More economical, because even if it is a payment option, the invested expense is sure to be less than the time taken to reach those followers naturally.

You just have to find the follower provider that offers the best conditions and start enjoying a wide community.

8- They can be real Likes

And is that many of these providers, rather than followers, what they facilitate are bots that do little more than increase the number of followers and Likes, but do not interact.

And this is another of the indications that will make the potential follower, whether or not to follow an account, the customer’s interaction with the company,

It is also possible while you buy followers to buy packs I like that also influence the perception of the client.

9- Increase visibility

If the follower interacts, the chances that the displayed message will be shared are much higher, so the purchase of followers will also be helping these publications have a greater reach.

So not only will you be reaching more people (and of course more potential followers), but it will also be done more effectively.

10- Speed   and simplicity

No other way is so fast to reach 10,000 Likes (to say a figure) since some pages like Los Amos guarantees that in a period not exceeding 10 minutes, the client can reach this amount.

Also, you will only have to enter an account username and have provided a PayPal account or a credit card.

11- It is a good idea for a starting company

 Indeed, this technique can help branding at first. The more people follow a page or account on social platforms, the more likely it is that the information will be shared and conquer new audiences.

12- It can be beneficial for influencers

Those entrepreneurs who think of social media as a real business opportunity will benefit from acquiring followers. Over time, a combination of an organic audience with paid followers could turn someone into an influencer.

13- Overall they help to strengthen an online brand

The numbers are impressive, so one account with 1.5 million followers will generate more interest than another with just 1,500 of them.

Still, not everything is as simple as “buy and add” fans on social media indiscriminately. You also have to do it the right way. In this way, a company that acquires 5,000 followers during the first month of operations runs the risk of damaging its reputation in the long run. It would be advisable to acquire just 10% of that figure and focus efforts on generating authentic audiences.

Frequently Asked Questions about Buying Facebook Likes

By buying Facebook page Likes, your fan page will gain recognition and presence on social networks. You will notice that, after buying fans or likes, Facebook users will be more interested in liking and interacting with your page, so you will get more fans and faster.

We accept payments on our website through PayPal. If you want to buy Instagram followers by some other electronic payment method such as Mercado Pago, Bitcoin, or some cryptocurrency, please contact us, and we will tell you how to proceed. Through PayPal, it is possible to make payments by debit or credit card.

No. It is completely safe for your fan page and your Facebook account. We will never ask you for your password or request access to manage your account.

We add the likes simply by having the address of your fan page, in approximately 72 hours. and without the need to provide your password. After buying Facebook fans you will see that the fans are added progressively, over the course of several hours. In the case of purchases of 10,000 or more fans, the addition is more gradual and requires several days for delivery.

There is no maximum likes limit, you can buy as many times as you want for the same Facebook page. Always wait for the previous service to be delivered before hiring a new one for the same fan page. It also avoids adding fans for the same fan page simultaneously through different means, that is, you should not run campaigns for the same fan page during the time that elapses since you made the purchase with us until the order is delivered. Incurring this practice voids our warranty.

If any inconvenience arises you can contact us through our Email [email protected], within 30 days from the date of purchase. After this period, no claims will be accepted.

Yes, in addition to buying Facebook Likes or fans you can acquire Twitter followers or followers, Facebook subscribers, retweets, bots, views for YouTube videos, visits to your website, real web traffic and you can buy targeted Facebook Likes from Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, United

Why should I pay to get free Facebook Likes in 2020? Behind is a professional team of social marketing experts with more than 10 years of experience.Free apps take advantage of your passwords and privacy. Therefore, your account will not be safe with Free Apps. Trust the professionals. Followers Online do not require passwords.

Instaafollowers team that requires people working so that your service is of Quality. If you are wondering how to get more Facebook Likes without paying, we answer that free apps will want something in return. In this case, your data and privacy. And your account could be blocked.

Unlike other websites, we use only the most reliable and secure methods to send Likes and Followers to your profile.

Once we say the safest way, we mean that our delivery approach will not break any guidelines and terms, and for that reason, your profile will always be protected!

Final Words

All of the points are well explained and for us no doubt its a better option for a fast social media growth. Buy Facebook likes and impress your audience with your big numbers.