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Introduction of Facebook

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Facebook is a social networking platform that helps you to quickly communicate and share online with your family and friends. Originally intended for college students, Mark Zuckerberg founded Facebook in 2004 while enrolling at Harvard University. In 2006 anyone over 13 could access Facebook with a valid email address. Today Facebook is the largest social network in the world, with over 1 billion users worldwide.

How it started?

When It Launched Facebook at Harvard University launched in February 2004 as a school- social network. It was founded along with Edward Saverin by Mark Zuckerberg, both students at the college.

It wasn’t until 2006 that Facebook launched and took off to everyone 13 years or older, rapidly overtaking MySpace as the world’s most popular social network.

The popularity of Facebook can be attributed to its ability to cater to both individuals and companies and its ability to connect with websites across the world via a single login that works across several pages..

Attraction In Facebook?

facebook likesFacebook attractions are user-friendly and available to everyone. Only the least technical-minded people will login to Facebook and start posting. While it started as a means of staying in touch or reconnecting with long-lost friends,

it soon became the favorite of companies that were able to target an audience closely and distribute advertisements directly to the people most likely to want their goods or services.

Facebook allows the sharing of images, text messages, videos, status updates and Facebook feelings simple. The platform is fun for many users, and a frequent daily visit.

Facebook does not promote pornographic content, as opposed to other social network sites. We are banned from the Web when users offend and are identified.

Facebook offers a flexible range of privacy controls, allowing users to shield their information from reaching third parties.

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Use of Facebook?

Do you ever wonder why people really like using Facebook? After all, there are also plenty of other ways to connect online, such as through email, instant messaging, etc. What makes Facebook special is its ability to link and share simultaneously with the people you care about.

Getting a Facebook account is now required to be online for several, just like getting your own email address. And other websites have worked to incorporate Facebook, since Facebook is so successful. It means that you can use a single Facebook account to log in to different services across the Internet.

Facebook Key Features   

Here are a few features that make Facebook so popular: • Facebook allows you to maintain a list of friends and select tailor-made privacy settings that can display content on your profile.

1 – Facebook lets you upload pictures and keep photo albums that you can share with your friends.

2 – Facebook provides interactive online chat and the opportunity to comment on your friend’s profile pages to stay in contact, exchange details or say “hello.”

3 – Facebook provides community pages, fan pages and business pages that enable companies to use Facebook as a social media marketing tool.

4 – Facebook’s network of developers provides advanced features and monetization options.

5 – Video can be viewed live via Facebook Live.

6 – Chat with friends and family members of Facebook or view Facebook pictures on Facebook Portal.

What is Facebook Like Button ?

The Facebook like button is a tab on Facebook’s social networking website. It was activated for the first time since February 2009.

The like button helps users to connect with status updates, reviews, images and videos, friends-shared links and advertising easily. When a user clicks, the approved content appears in the User’s friends ‘News Feeds, and the button also shows the number of other users who liked the content, including a complete or partial list of those users.

The identical button was extended in June 2010, to comments.

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Fbuy facebook likesollowing extensive research and years of public concerns about whether it wanted to add a “Dislike” button, on February 24, 2016, Facebook officially rolled out “Reactions” to users around the world, allowing users to press the like button for an option to use one of five pre-defined emotions, including “Heart,” “Haha,” “Wow,” “Sad” or “Angry.” In May 2017, responses were also applied to reviews, and there was a significant graphical redesign in April 2019.


face emoji

The like button is one of the social plug-ins on Facebook, in which the icon can be put on websites of third parties. Its usage centers around a type of an advertisement network, collecting information about which users are visiting which websites. This type of accessibility, a kind of web beacon, has been criticized considerably for privacy.


Privacy advocacy groups have asked Facebook to avoid gathering data through the plug-in and governments have initiated investigations into the company for alleged violations of the privacy law.

Facebook has confirmed that after three months it anonymity the details, and that the collected data is not exchanged or sold to third parties.

Moreover, the possible use of the like button as a measure of popularity has prompted some businesses to sell likes from fake

Facebook accounts, which in turn triggered protests from some Facebook advertisement agencies who received an influx of fake likes who corrupted proper usage metrics.

Terms of Service Agreement

In its Terms of Service Agreement, Facebook notes that users may build only one personal profile, and that it has ongoing efforts to prevent the spread of fake accounts.

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Small business owners who make good use of social networking sites are able to easily promote their companies.

A business page on Facebook is one of the best ways to communicate with your customers and build a following for your brand.

Since Facebook began as a way to communicate online for college students and other young adults,

it has become a staple for businesses and community organisations. Below are six reasons for your small business to build a Facebook page today.

Target Audience

Learn About Your Target Audience A Facebook company page lets you interact directly with your target audience.

Think of it as a focus group underway. Your fans are there, because they know your business and want to learn more.

Although they definitely expect to obtain valuable information from your Facebook page, through their involvement you will gather helpful data from them as well.

Facebook Insights also offers valuable information on your profile about your fans and their interactions.

Your Facebook fans will tell you a lot about what they want as a microcosm of your target audience, through their engagement, messages, and reviews.

Facebook groups provide a new way of keeping the audience involved.

Business Social interactions

Humanize Your Business Social interactions and honest contact are important parts of social media and Facebook gives you the ability to add the company a profile, name and personality.

Although your Facebook page that represent your business, it also lets you show the human side of your company through one-on – one discussions, personal tidbits, and non-business experiences.

Even if you automate parts of your social media operation, you can fit into a moderate amount of live, on – the-spot communication to build deeper, more “real” relationships which go beyond direct customer service.

Creating a Facebook Group company pages are perfect ways to collect your clients, prospects, and fans to provide reviews, express thoughts, voice questions, and receive input.

You can build a community on your Facebook page in a variety of ways, including: posting useful, important and interesting links Asking fans to help with comments Organizing competitions and promotions Providing a place to leave reviews and other feedback

Offering activity opportunities on the page If the Facebook page you create effectively brings people together for your company

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Facebook Is Perfect for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Facebook can be an efficient means of guiding traffic to your website and blog business.

Also, your updates, links, and other acts found on your public Facebook page will give you an SEO boost if search engines index them.

Having a Facebook page filled with rich content related to your company will help you improve your search engine rankings with the pace of social media and new weight being applied to knowledge spread across social networks.


Our Competition Already Has Someone Doing It Only because that’s not a good enough excuse for the competitor to do something.

But not having a Facebook page or a presence on other social networks can cost you opportunities when it comes to social media especially if your competitor uses social media and makes good use of it.

Some of the customers are looking for social interaction of this kind, and if you don’t involve them, you can bet the rivals will.

Get in front of your customers every day Many people visit the site on Facebook every day, and frequent status updates, shared links and videos and other information give you the ability to communicate with your customers on a daily basis.

As of 2019, there are 2.4 billion active Facebook users and growing millions of people use the web to find goods, services and brands to solve their daily problems.

Facebook and other social networks make it easy to locate future customers. And they are much more likely to remember your brand when they do, and share it with their own connections.

In the end, a sponsored Facebook page for your company can be a powerful way to expand your scope and increasing your online business visibility.

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