How to buy Instagram Accounts Safely?

How to buy Instagram Accounts Safely?

Social media is rising for ages and keeps ongoing. Especially Instagram has been growing a lot and is very popular under the youth. People have been starting accounts for fun & some of them are selling their established accounts. Buying an Instagram account could be helpful if you try to boost your social presence. You’re able to start your personal or business brand with loads of followers. The sales of Instagram accounts have been on the rise as well. But how can you make sure to buy an account safely? We will explain it in this article.

Where can I buy an Instagram account?

We have noticed lots of places where you can buy Instagram accounts. Some are better than others. Accounts are selling from $1 per K to $200 per K followers in popular niches. Some accounts with over a million followers have been sold in the high $XX, XXX. We will tell you the 3 biggest hotspots where you can buy Instagram accounts:

  • eBay: a very known marketplace platform, but for Instagram accounts it’s not recommended. There are a lot of bad stories out there of people paying big amounts of money for Instagram accounts, but never receiving the actual account. There are good people on eBay, but there are too many scammers. We won’t recommend you to go there.
  • Online forums: there are online forums, such as Blackhatworld, where you can find Instagram accounts. Some forums have a good reputation, others are absolute shit. Because there’s no monitoring on those forums, you have to trust forums. The bad part is: you don’t know who’s behind the forum user. You don’t know who you’re dealing with and that’s a bad part. Same as eBay, of course, there are some good sellers, but there are a lot of people taking advantage of ‘newbies’ with no account buying experience.
  • Account selling websites: probably the best way to go when it comes to buying Instagram accounts. There is some account selling websites which have own stock, which means they own the account that they’re selling. Other websites act as middlemen & make sure you get what you pay for. SwapSocials is one of the websites with its own stock. They sell what they have, which makes it very easy to deal with. Other than just some kids selling Instagram accounts, they’re a legit registered company. You won’t have any trouble when buying an account. They’re somewhat higher priced, but it’s worth it. For example, you could check out some travel Instagram accounts, which are for sale.

Buying Instagram Accounts


Same as in other niches, we recommend you to buy the seller when you’re buying Instagram accounts with real followers. Make sure you’re buying from a legitimate seller & you will receive the account. Some accounts will be very low priced, but very often they’re too good to be the truth. SwapSocials is a professional company, which has real accounts with real followers & engagement.

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