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Hight Quality Followers

Real and Much Active

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No Password Required

Instant Delivery

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Hight Quality Followers

Real and Much Active

100% Safe

No Password Required

Instant Delivery

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Hight Quality Followers

Real and Much Active

100% Safe

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Hight Quality Followers

Real and Much Active

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No Password Required

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Hight Quality Followers

Real and Much Active

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Hight Quality Followers

Real and Much Active

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Hight Quality Followers

Real and Much Active

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I Buy Followers?

When it comes to winning publicity, social media can be a competitive environment.

Whether you’re a corporation, an influencer, or an average person, thousands of other people are still vying for the same audience as you.

That makes it hard to gain brand recognition and to succeed without any support on Instagram. So let us take on the job and make the process simpler for you.

How much time does it take to get started?

We have simplified the process so you can get new followers at the earliest opportunity.

Rather than asking you to jump through the hoops and waste your validating time, all we need is your Instagram username and what package you would like to receive.

Within moments of your order, you’ll begin to see the enormous growth of organic followers than ever before.

Would this block my account?

Definitely not! You can rest assured with instaafollowers that your account will remain safe under our supervision.

This is not something that many of our other rivals can guarantee, because many of them use shady tactics that violate the Terms of Service in Instagram.

By using security measures that work with the Instagram algorithm rather than against it, we prevent these kinds of problems.

What Is the Quality Of the Followers?

Yeah, with us you get only the best. Too many other businesses are getting away with selling low-quality and virtually useless people.

That is what distinguishes us from the rest of the pack.

We agree that having higher levels of real engagement is the biggest reason people want more followers. And we deliver exactly that, no matter what size bundle you want.

Will it help my company to grow?

Absolutely. Consider this if you are a regular Instagram user checking out other accounts, who would you be more likely to follow?

A 10-following account or a 1000-following account?

It is what we call “media evidence.”

A higher count of followers shows them you’re putting out quality content that’s worth holding on.

People tend to be more likely to join a supportive crowd than to be straying away from it.

Why InstaaFollowers?

InstaaFollowers is made up of a team of Social Media development specialists.

We have over a decade of experience together, and since it launched in 2011, we have been struggling with Instagram events.

We’re still going as fast as ever, with millions of happy customers since.

Our data show that our methods are far more effective than advertising on Instagram! If this isn’t persuasive enough, take a peek at our analysis below.



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by 6875 Review​

Amazing Service Really impressed and defiantly i am recommending these guys my profile is sky rocking and i am getting Instagram promotional offers. thanks to these guys.
buy tiktok Followers
John Doe
Never Thought this Platform could give such an amazing services. I am regularly buying their services Fast and Accurate. Highly Recommended These guys dare really delivering what they are committing.
buy tiktok followers
Mila Kunis
Fitness Trainer

Want to Buy Instagram Followers? Read Our Buyer Guide

buy instagram followersMore than 98% of our clients give us a rating of “Excellent.” 

Buying Instagram Followers is a prevalent act today. We live in a world of social networks.

It doesn’t matter if you are an influencer, an artist, or perhaps a small company that wants to show their work, Buying Instagram Followers is the best method to gain relevance.

We will provide you with the Likes and Followers you deserve to help you build your social presence!

Buy Real Active Instagram Followers

buy-real-instagram-followersWe make a beneficial service available to users to grow on social networks quickly. Having a small number of followers on your page may suggest that your activity is recent or not well known. 

Buying Instagram Followers will help you promote your image and promote your page with your future visitors. With more Followers, your circuit naturally generates more advertising, business, and awareness.

 This can be a great way to promote your business or brand and get ahead of the competition. Post engaging content, and you will see the results!

What will You get In Buying Of Instagram Followers?

Get Instagram Followers Free Trial

Get Instagram Followers Free TrialInstaaFollowers is confident about its services; hence we are providing a free trial in which you will get 10-20 Followers free of cost.

Send us email at [email protected] with your username.

Why choose InstaaFollowers?

Why choose InstaaFollowers?We are a group of experts with many years of experience in social media and online promotion.

If there’s one thing we are passionate about, it’s also about helping people get attention on social media. 

Since Instagram, we have established a perfect relationship with our customers, and we continue this relationship with many new customers every day. 

Today we offer you very affordable prices that defy all competition.

1 – Compliant Services

All our services respect the conditions of use of social networks, so there is absolutely no risk for your pages and profiles. 97% of our customers regularly recommend us to their loved ones.

2 – Secure payment

Buy your likes, followers, and views securely with our PayPal payment system. Thus, you make payments with a transaction system known for maximum security HTTPS (SSL).

3 – Quick delivery

Our orders run automatically after your checkout, all you need to do is focus on your marketing strategy and wait a few minutes before your order is delivered.

4 – Unbeatable prices

Increase your Instagram fans by hundreds or thousands by choosing the package that best suits your marketing needs. We are always trying to lower our costs to keep our prices as low as possible on the French web.

5 – Increase your sales

Increasing your fan base can improve your brand image and boost your ranking, which can translate into phenomenal growth in web traffic and sales

6 – Do I need to provide passwords?


Under no circumstances should you provide or deliver any type of password to receive the service.

7 – When do I receive my Likes?

Once the payment is confirmed, you will receive your order progressively in a maximum time of 24 hours and mostly instantaneously if the system is not processing other orders. After completing the service, you will receive a confirmation email again.

8 – Are the users real?

Yes, the users are real. There are two types of Likes services. The normal service that mixes all kinds of active and inactive profiles. And the high-quality HQ service that provides high follower permanence.

9 – Is it profitable to buy social followers?

Yes. Currently, it is a great Online Marketing tool. 

Also, having fans gives popularity and inspires the confidence necessary for other users to be attracted to and interested in their accounts.

10 – What do I do if I’m not satisfied?

If you are not satisfied, you can contact us at [email protected]  indicating the reason for your dissatisfaction and we will refund your money, provided that it justifies a breach by our company.

11 – Quality

All the likes we deliver are 100% real and 100% authentic. Our outstanding reputation and credibility are reflected in the products and services we offer. We also guarantee that there will never be a loss of followers. The Instaafollowers team spend a lot of time optimizing our products, we ensure to deliver the best quality for our customers!

12 – Do I follow all the rules?

The answer is yes. As an Instagram customer, you abide by all of the rules, laws, policies relating to Instagram and Facebook, and the Terms of Service. Instaafollowers team strictly abide by these Terms of Service – No rules are violated because we provide 100% real likes with active accounts, which means you can buy with peace of mind.

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How Much Per Follower Will Cost You?



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Why to Buy Instagram Followers?

Buying followers is a safe and effective practice as long as you’re cautious and using only legal services.

There is plenty of skepticism about buying followers, mostly due to the abundance of scam services posing as legitimate businesses. 

Unfortunately, the web is a secure place to run a scam, as it takes away much of the accountability that occurs naturally with a brick-and-mortar business.

That being said, there are plenty of legitimate Instagram growth tools out there. It’s essential to know the difference between a legal service and a scam, and we’ll discuss how to spot a fraud later in this article.

For now, let’s bring the focus on why you should consider buying followers, likes, and views for your Instagram page.

  • When creating a new account on Instagram and any other social network, you will notice that progress is slow and that the most challenging thing is to overcome the initial barrier of the first followers.
  • This is because people are less interested in following or interacting with an account if that account has very few followers.
  • Instead, when people see that someone has 10,000, 100,000, or 1 million followers, they are immediately more likely to follow, read, and interact with you.
  • This happens because, as they say, success attracts success. Those who buy Instagram followers often see that the extent of activity in their accounts increases, which their numbers grow faster and faster.

1-Faster Growth

We all know that it takes months, if not years, to build a platform on any social media site. You will spend much time clicking Like on posts, promoting your content, and imploring people to follow or share your content.

This process is exhausting, challenging, and downright ineffective. The era of the growth of “I love for I love” or “continues to follow” is over; It is time to move towards a better and more efficient future.

Suppose you spent the past six months browsing through the old ways of growing your Instagram page.

You did everything right: you marketed your page the best you could, offered incentives to follow, and even contacted other Instagrammers in the hopes of having a connection.

What is missing? You don’t have enough subscribers to draw attention to your content or products.

The more subscribers your page has, the more likely you are to share your content with their subscribers, as well as an extensive network of people who have viewed your content.

Also, as we saw above, a high number of subscribers help increase your social proof, which you can then take advantage of for all kinds of benefits for your brand.

When you buy Instagram followers, you’re bypassing this long and exhausting manual growth process. You pay to access active Instagramers who are already being solicited by your content type, so you don’t get random accounts or bots sent to your page.

Your account will start growing overnight, and you will notice that over the next few months, this growth will continue.

As your content reaches more people who like it, it shares it with its subscribers, who shares it with its subscribers, etc.

2-Attract a Wider Audience

With this increased sharing of your content, you will be able to attract a much larger audience than ever.

You’ve discovered that your new audience is entirely different from what you imagine to be your target audience, and that’s great! This means that your content or products attract more people from different backgrounds.

The growth potential is only limited by the number of followers you want to buy.

When you have a larger audience listening to your content, you can make a little difference by experimenting with different messages to attract individual sub-categories of followers.

You can create posts targeting single demography, multiple demographics, or all at the same time.

This versatility ensures that you capture the attention of everyone who viewed your page.

3-Why Buying Followers is not a bad idea?

First of all, it should be borne in mind that Instagram is one of the most demanding social networks and, at the same time, one of the ones that offer the user the most that works well.

A job, which in any case requires hours of effort and mastery of programs that improve the image or the published video.   

Although it may be around the head that it is not an entirely satisfactory activity, since it is reaching an audience without having made great efforts, the truth is that the purchase of followers on Instagram is a great alternative, especially for those companies that They have just created their profile on Instagram and even for those who have an improbable reputation on this social network.

Instagram has become one of being social networks, as it is the one that best offers a visual image, both of the brand and of the products or services it provides.

But, how to show this communication if there are no followers? It is true that a community is created with effort and generating quality content. Still, there is a faster alternative that is through the purchase of followers on Instagram.

Reasons to Buy Instagram Followers From InstaaFollowers?

1. Buy Real Instagram Followers

Buying Followers for Instagram will not only increase the number of people who follow your profile, but also their customers and earnings.

When people in your community grow, they should include people who would be interested in your business.

The more people who follow you, the more customers you will get. In this way, it will directly drive your business from the lowest level to the highest.

2. How to Get more Instagram Followers?

How to get followers Instagram is straightforward with [Place your order], we guarantee the best quality followers.

Unfortunately, you need to be careful about buying because there are different types of marketing techniques in this business. 

3. Best Place to Buy Instagram Followers?

Instaafollowers are the best Hack to get followers on Instagram. We have completely redefined the entire payment and delivery process, we are pleased to say that we offer the best, fastest, and most competitive Buy Instagram Followers services.

Just ignore all the websites that require you to fill out tired forms, check your profile, and confirm your email even before ordering. Getting Likes and Followers has never been easier! Get Followers with us and be convinced!

4. Pages to Get Free Instagram Followers Fast

There are apps and pages to get free Instagram followers, though; You must deliver your accesses in an unsecured way, and you will lose control of your account.

At Online Followers, we do not need passwords or access to your account to deliver followers.

This is a great advantage to maintain your privacy and security.

Behind is a professional team of social marketing experts with more than ten years of experience.

Since InstaaFollowers was launched in 2011, always achieved his title of best qualified professional within social promotion services. With many years of experience and more than 100,000 satisfied customers, choosing us will not be wrong!

5. Get Instagram Followers 2020

Consider the following scenario:

You may have found an artist, but so far, you only have 40 followers. The question that could be posed is, “why would I do if nobody else does it? Or why didn’t it have a wider audience?

Now think about the following:

someone visits your page and discovers that you have more than 10,000 followers. So the question he will probably ask himself is a different one, 

“Why don’t I follow it when thousands of people do?”

6. How to Get More Instagram Followers Instantly?

Promoting your social profile will increase your visibility to the highest level. Suppose you are running your business, but there are only a few followers, i.e., 100-200.

Could you make more profit through this account? 


Instead, just assume your followers increase to 10,000 or 20,000. Now, would it make a difference to your income or earnings? Yes, it will lead to improving your profits and your business.

Therefore, InstaaFollowers help you get Instagram followers fast to succeed.

7. Trick to Get Followers on Instagram

Are you looking for ways to increase your earnings through your profile? With Online Followers, you have a perfect Trick to Get Followers on Instagram.

You are just one step away from achieving your incredible benefits with the least possible investment. Here you will find detailed information on how to Buy Instagram Followers.

However, before going into the details, let’s first explore the benefits of our services for your business.

8. Instagram Followers Generator

 With the Instagram Followers Generator, when customers increase, they will finally end up generating more revenue and sales.

As a result, it would have a direct impact on your earnings by boosting them. 

The more benefits you get through your account, the more chances you will have to continue your business in the long term.

9. How to Gain Followers on Instagram?

In addition to the benefits mentioned above, we said ideas of how to gain followers on Instagram, increasing your participation would also increase the image of your business.

When you have a large community of profitable buyers, they will provide you with more benefits in terms of sales generation.

As a result, when you provide them with excellent customer service and a quality-oriented product, it will create the right image in their minds.

As a result, it will help build your credibility with your customers, who will benefit your business.

10. How to Have Many Followers on Instagram

We will provide you with quality followers. Followers Online are the solution to how to have many followers on Instagram quickly and easily.

You will have access to 24/7 customer service. Whenever you have any questions, inquiries, or any issues, you can simply call us or leave a message.

Our customer service representatives will contact you as soon as possible.

11. Gain Instagram followers

Gaining Instagram Followers is essential for the growth of a business.

Are you looking for business growth and higher income? If so, you must choose us because our quality followers will allow you to take your business on the path of success. 

12. Buy Instagram Followers 2020

Today, buying Instagram followers in 2020 is easier than you think. If you have an inflexible budget, you can also get as many followers as you want.

It will help elevate your business from scratch to the next level by attracting more attention and profit. Conversely, if you have a bigger budget, we will still have beneficial packages for you at the lowest price.

 In this way, you can easily shop and grow on social media without putting a burden on your monthly budget. However, you will be surprised to see the results in return.

13. Buy Free Instagram Followers

Buying Free Instagram Followers is not a safe task.

Remember that Followers Online’s paid because it is always committed to secure methods for your account and will never require passwords or other information to complete an order.

In this way, you will avoid that with free Apps, they close your account in the future.

14. Buy Active Followers on Instagram

Buying Active Followers on Instagram is a necessary action for all your growth strategies on social networks. 

Having a massive following on your social media accounts can drastically affect your entire life.

It can open doors that you didn’t know existed. Therefore, if you want to outperform your competitors and be the emperor of social media platforms; You should buy Instagram followers now!

15. Buy Segmented Instagram Followers

It is challenging to buy Segmented Instagram followers. Let’s take an example of it. Suppose you have bought 200 followers.

Once your account grows with our service, you will begin to receive more follower requests from your friends and family.

If you accept your requests as well, the same process will go further; in this way, this chain will continue to grow, resulting in the growth of your business in a segmented way.

16. Buy Instagram Followers PayPal

It is possible to buy Instagram followers with PayPal for users who want it; we also have:

  •         Secure payment through credit/debit cards
  •         24/7 online support and WhatsApp support
  •         Faster delivery

Instagram is the Most Visual Social Network

Buy-Instagram-followersInstagram is characterized by being an image-based social network that users share with the rest of the community. 

A fresh and fun alternative that offers enormous interaction with the target audience and greater visibility for your products or services.

Early History

It was created in 2010 by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger and was unstoppable right from the start. Just two years later, it had 100 million users. In 2014 the number rose to 300 million.

And today, there are more than 1,000 million people who make up the Instagram community.

In early 2011, a new strategy was added to help users discover photos of other users.

The following shared images with similar or the same themes. In this way, hashtags are created, to show relevant and specific topics, and manage to attract more users.

In September 2011, version 2.0 was released on the App Store, which included new changes such as live filters, new options to apply blur effects to specific places, and improved the editor of high-resolution images with better frames., among others.

For the middle of 2012, and for the first time, Instagram creates a version for the Android audience.

For such an event, Instagram announced that people with this operating system could register to receive some notification, and indicate that they will be the first to test the beta version of the application, and more than 430 thousand people did.

When it was announced that Instagram would be available for the operating system, it achieved more than a million downloads in less than 24 hours, and later it was one of the most evaluated applications with 4 million times.

Precisely, on April 9, 2012, Instagram had been acquired by Facebook for the approximate sum of a billion dollars. The new era of this social network is changing.

For this reason, in December of that same year, some privacy policies and conditions of use were altered.

In this change, it was indicated that Instagram was the absolute owner of all the images that were published in a said social network; for this reason, it had the right to sell the photos of the users to third parties without notification or notice.

However, this news was not well received by the Instagram community, as thousands of users such as National Geographic, artists, and even celebrities looked for ways to undo these changes. This affected the company, losing a large part of its users.

In 2013, Instagram introduced the option to tag people and brands in posts.

Its millions of users acclaimed this feature. Also, that same year Instagram Direct was added, a tool that serves to send direct and private messages, very similar to Facebook inboxes.

Year after year, Instagram has been changing, and in 2015 the option to create advertising from the Facebook platform was added, making thousands of brands advertise their products through this social network.

2016 became the year with the most changes for Instagram as it was modified from design, leaving its traditional vintage camera for a new attractive and colorful design.

Also, add the Instagram Stories, a tool that allows you to upload photos and videos that is only enabled for 24 hours.

By the end of that year, it adds one more function, which would be to broadcast live, which allows fans to join the broadcast, and the option to “give hearts away.”

This is how Instagram is part of one of the most important social networks in the world, both for its interactivity, connectivity, among other characteristics that make it unique and makes it one of the most used social networks in the world.

What can I do on Instagram?

This free app available for iOS and Android mobile devices allows us to share photos or videos that last approximately one minute.

Also, it has numerous filters and tools for retouching images so that we can change the brightness, contrast, sharpness, and other parameters. As well as adding visual effects to give it our identity seal.

The result will be practically professional, providing your brand with a beautiful image for potential consumers.

And all the photographs can also be shared on other social networks such as Facebook or WhatsApp, so your publications will reach the broadest possible audience.

2. Advantages of using it for your business

Since 2015, the leading brands realized the incredible potential that this social network has since the interaction with users is much more dynamic and direct.

Thanks to the importance given to the visual aspect, numerous companies and professionals in the graphic arts or the fashion world have taken advantage of Instagram to retain their public and have greater relevance on the Internet.

This social network is entirely free; it has numerous functionalities and customization options.

There is no limit to the number of photos or content you can upload each day. And with a community of more than 1,000 million users, you will have at your disposal the best online showcase today.

In short, if you have an original idea in mind, Instagram is the ideal platform to develop it.

How to use Instagram Explained

First, we have to download the app from Google Play or the App Store. Next, we create an account on Instagram and register manually or through our Facebook data.

Do not forget to include your phone number, since if you forget the password, you will have no other option to recover your account.

We are done, now go to the home screen and select the option “add friends” so that all your contacts know that you are on Instagram.

You can customize the profile to your liking and start uploading your first images.

The publications are uploaded directly to our news wall, although it is also possible to do so through Instagram Stories.

In any case, the procedure is the same: select a photo, modify it with the help of filters, add the text, and finally click on the send option.!! Congratulations. You are already an Instagrammer!


Instagram Features

Over 130 million users love Instagram! It is an easy way to capture and share the best moments of the world on your Android.

Customize your photos and videos with any of the fantastic custom filter effects. Transform any moment from day to day into a work of art that you can share with friends and family.

Share your photos and videos in a simple way for your friends to see and follow theirs with the click of a button. Every time you open Instagram, you will see new photos of your best friends, as well as creative people from all over the world.

Since its launch in 2010, Instagram has evolved its platform every year as the format of its photos, videos, among other options. This application has been characterized by offering multiple options that allow it to provide a better experience to its millions of users around the world.

Due to its constant updating, it has become one of the favorite social networks for its users, and the Instagram community has accepted its functions. Therefore, we will mention the main tasks that Instagram offers us:

Editing images

The primary purpose of creating Instagram was to become a photographic application, and we see that this vision has been fulfilled.

With its more than 29 filters, you have to modify and edit images. Besides, it has facial filters, which makes it interactive, and play with augmented reality.

In this way, you can have the photos you want without much work.

Upload images: 

Instagram allows you to upload and publish your pictures. Also, it gives you the option to share them on other social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

Posting videos: 

This social network decided to go beyond images, and now allows you to upload and make videos of 60 seconds maximum.

To do this, you can use the application option or upload a video saved on your mobile device.

It offers you opportunities to add filters, and if you want, you can activate or deactivate the sound.

Instagram Stories: 

This social network allows you to update and update your account with this attractive feature.

You can post photos or videos that will be available only 24 hours.

You can also download the edited image or video to publish it on other social networks. Brands are using this feature to promote their products or services.

Saving posts: Like Facebook, you can save other users’ content for later access.

Instagram Live: 

Now, you can broadcast live on Instagram, allowing you to share it with your followers. You can enable or disable the option for comments, and you can see the number of people who are watching your broadcast.

Instagram Direct: 

This is the function to send private messages to your followers. Now, you can share photos: videos, publications of other users, and links.


This function is part of Instagram Stories and allows you to capture moments differently since you can get a succession of photos in a loop; that is, the capture goes forward and backward.

Tag users: 

When a post is made, be it photo or video, you can tag your followers on Instagram, and they can have that post on their profile.

Add location, hashtags, and descriptions: 

When you post to Instagram, you can add a description and hashtags. The latter allows you to connect with other users who have used the same hashtags. Finally, you can add the location, that is, the place where the image was taken or the video was made.


If you liked a post from the users you follow, or from those who follow you, they could react, and like it, if they liked your content.

Mentioning your followers: 

You can also refer your followers in comments or commenting on their photos.

Create albums on Instagram:

 Now, you can publish up to 10 photos in the same publication. You can also add pictures and videos in the same edition.

Instagram has become a social network with the most significant number of users in the world, getting very close to Facebook and Twitter.

Also, it has become the favorite of thousands of young people for its varied options to edit photos, placing them from very striking filters, to the possibility of transmitting live.

Therefore, we will mention what the characteristics that make it so accessible today are:


Instagram has become the favorite of millions of people for its extensive catalog of filters, frames, and the option to broadcast live. Also, the opportunity to publish images by creating a hashtag makes it more visible to the social network community.


It allows millions of people who have an Instagram account to react to the publications, and they can even be more connected when using a hashtag, which makes it create a community and comment on the writings of the people we follow or those who follow us.


Currently, Instagram reported that it had 800 million users worldwide in 2017. Therefore, it has become one of the social networks that reach everyone around the world.


Not only does it allow you to add filters on images, but you can publish any visual content such as images, sequenced photos and even videos lasting a minute, which makes its users use it to display their graphic content, which also It can be published to Facebook and Twitter from the Instagram account.


Currently, Instagram can be accessed from any mobile device to a computer, allowing more options for browsing the social network.


On the subject of brands, this is an essential feature because Instagram allows them to have a relationship with their active users on this network. There is better interaction between customers and the brand, allowing companies to capture their attention.

Visual platform: 

Compared to other social networks, Instagram stands out for being an application exclusively for visual content, that is, you can publish images and videos that last a minute.

Instagram services

Facebook, the company that acquired the Instagram platform, has made some changes that have improved the quality of the service and the use of the tools of this social network. 

Since 2013, it has added more services, making it an attractive application for its millions of users and brands that are betting on having this social network in their marketing strategy.

Below, we explain the most outstanding services and tools on Instagram:

Instagram stories

Instagram Stories is a service added in 2016, and its main feature is to offer its millions of users the option of creating short videos, 60 seconds long, that disappear after 24 hours from their publication. Also, you can add drawings, stickers, emoji’s, text, and you can share it for all your followers or send it as a private message to a friend.

With this service, you can keep your Instagram profile up to date. Also, you can see updates from your friends. When they see your updates, they will be able to indicate who are the people who saw your story.

Instagram live

This service was recently added, and it allows us to broadcast live videos, as it is done with the transmission of Facebook Live and Twitter. Your videos can be saved on the reel or shared in your story.

When there is a live broadcast, your followers will receive a notification so they can choose to see your live show. Also, you can do some settings like disable comments while streaming.

Instagram for desktop

For more than four years, thousands of users asked that this social network be available to computers, and now it can be accessed from Windows 10 computers.

This service has the same functions as the mobile version, and you can access Instagram Stories, Instagram Direct, edit images with filters, among others, which gives a better experience to its users.

Instagram direct

This is the Instagram messaging service that allows you to send private messages to your followers. You can send photos, videos, links, and share other users’ posts with your followers.

It not only allows you to have a conversation with one person, but you can create a group of up to a maximum of 15 people to communicate with your friends.


Instagram Business

This is the Instagram service for companies that offers brands the best tools that can help their customers get in touch with them. Within the company profile, you can have contact information, statistics, and publications that are promoted on the platform.

Besides, you can appeal to the interests of your customers to create deeper relationships with the brand. It also allows you to captivate your audience through images.

Instagram as an Advertising Platform

Since Instagram enabled the option for companies, this platform has become a means to promote your brand and reach your audience to meet your brand goals.

Therefore, Instagram, as an advertising platform is helping thousands of companies to reach their audience directly, be related to it through their publications with graphic and visual materials.

1- Why do Brands Choose Instagram?

Thousands of brands are adding Instagram to their marketing strategy because this social network allows them to reach more customers and meet their brand goals. Currently, Instagram has 15 million company profiles worldwide.

Also, more than 2 million advertisers around the world use this platform to share stories and generate better business results.

Therefore, it must be taken into account that, according to the Instagram blog, it is noted that 60% of people indicate that they discover new products on Instagram, 75% of users take some action after seeing a publication, and a third of The most viewed stories are from companies.

So betting on having an Instagram account would not be a bad option, because it can meet brand goals, and increase the number of conversions to have brand success.

Therefore, we explain what the goals that a company seeks to be present on Instagram are:

2– Recognition

This objective seeks to make your company, product, application, or service known to your audience on Instagram. If this goal is achieved, the brand may have:

  • More reach and more visits to the brand’s profile and website.
  • Increased brand recognition
  • More local dissemination, that is, having the attention of local customers and meeting the above objectives.

3– Consideration

Having an Instagram account allows brands to offer their customers more information about their products or services. We must take into account that this objective does meet as long as there is:

  • More clicks on the website.
  • More video views.
  • A higher number of reach and frequency on Instagram.

4- Conversion

Lately, Instagram has become a means to increase conversions, that is, increase sales of products or services, download applications for cell phones, and increase the number of people who visit your local business. To fulfill this purpose, the following must be taken into account:

  • Measure the conversions made on the website.
  • Increase dynamic ads on Instagram.
  • Measure the interaction with the mobile application of your clients or followers.

Types of Advertisements

Instagram offers different ways to advertise the products, services, applications of a brand to reach the desired audience. Therefore, the ads on this platform are of high quality, with a linear and attractive format. Instagram has decided to offer various forms to advertise.

1. Ads with photo

This is one of the most common publications, but it tells a story in a creative, simple, and attractive space. It should be remembered that the photos can be displayed in a square or horizontal format.

2. Ads with videos

Another way to advertise your products, services, among others, is through videos that offer an immersive visual experience than Instagram photo ads, only now it has an added value that is sounds and movements. The video ad can only have a duration limit of 60 seconds and can be set to square or horizontal.

3. Ads by sequence

This is a type of ad that makes your campaigns more complete with advertisements that allow people to swipe to see up to 10 photos or videos, providing better information for the audience.

4. Ads in Stories

Brands are now frequently running their ads in the Stories section, connecting you to more than 250 million who use stories every day.

5.Ad targeting

Instagram, like other social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, allows the type of ad to be segmented to reach the people who interest them most. Therefore, this application offers multiple options to segment your audience and reach the audience you want.

6. Location

With Instagram ads, brands can target their audience through specific locations, such as states, provinces, cities, and countries.

7. Interests

Instagram also allows you to get closer to your target audience through their interests, such as the applications they use, the ads they click on, and the accounts they follow, to have more information about their tastes and preferences.

8. Demographic data

This application allows you to segment your audience through information such as age, sex, and language that you can obtain from them to arrive at an excellent social media marketing strategy.


Instagram offers you the option to segment based on the activities that your audience performs within Instagram and Facebook.

10. Custom audiences

Ads can be circulated to reach customers you already know through their emails or phone number.

Countries Where Instagram is Banned

Despite being in the 21st century, some countries have repressed the use of freedom of expression to avoid defamation of local authorities, religious, or affecting their culture.

For this reason, some governments have prohibited the use of the Internet, and even block access to social networks such as Instagram, where photos of protests, events, among others, are published and which causes the country’s indignation.

Instagram is one of the social networks that are in the list of blocked applications and websites, and that does not allow access to them to avoid riots or problems with local authorities.

Therefore, we will mention which are these countries, where their citizens cannot enjoy an experience in them:


Instagram is strictly prohibited in China, as photo sharing is not allowed. This is because photographs of the protests seeking democracy in Hong Kong in 2014 were published.

2.North Korea

This country has wholly banned Internet access, so its citizens cannot access the “outside world.” For this reason, the North Korean government has implemented an Internet navigation system so that North Koreans can be connected.


The African country has banned any social network that allows the disclosure of government information. They even repress local journalists so that they do not spread the news that could harm their local authorities. Also, mobile Internet access is not allowed, which decreases the population using a cell phone.


Iran is one of the countries that has banned some part of Internet access, but the most affected are bloggers and website owners. Most of its citizens do not access social networks such as Instagram to avoid government charges and threats that threaten their lives.


Very few know that Kevin Systrom rejected a great offer from Mark Zuckerberg.

When Kevin was working in a Stanford University cafeteria, Zuckerberg asked him to work on developing a photo interface for his new social network known as “The Facebook.”

The creator of Instagram decided to continue working on the site while developing his start-up, which would soon become one of the most used social networks in the world.

On the way, and while developing his new invention, he meets Mike Krieger, who would become his right hand, and together they create Instagram, an application dedicated to photography.

This first version of Instagram had been developed for the measurement of the iPhone 4 camera. Still, later, they were updated until they reached the Android operating system.

Kevin Systroms notes that his girlfriend was the person who prompted him to create more filters.

Furthermore, little do they know that the foot of Systems’ girlfriend and her dog appear in the first Instagram photo and that this image had been proof.

Since then, he decided to create more filters to create a more developed app.

Three months after Systems and Krieger launched the new Instagram app for iOS, the app already had over a million users, and its value multiplied when it came out for the Android version. Instagram makes its creator one of the most enterprising men and millionaires in the world.


Since the launch of Instagram to date, it has been increasing the number of users in the world, reaching more than 800 million users worldwide. For this reason, Instagram is considered one of the most popular social networks for both individuals and brands.

Instagram has become a business channel for successful campaigns for brands, and an app to capture the attention of followers.

Also, when Facebook acquired it, its versions have been varying, increasing more functions such as Instagram Live, Instagram Stories, among others.

So Instagram is consolidated as the fourth social network in the world and promises to continue improving the quality of its service for its millions of users.

Currently, there are Digital Specialization Centers focused on these types of digital platforms.

If you have a business and you are interested in using this platform in particular, you can choose to enroll in an Instagram Business Course where you will learn their underlying concepts, configuration, and types of accounts to content management and creation of advertisements.

What benefits does buying followers on Instagram offer?

 Buying followers for Instagram is the fastest and most effective way to improve the positioning of your profile. Some say well that where the majority goes, we will all go.

Well, the same can be applied to this social network. Once you have more than 2,000, 5,000, or 10,000 followers, everyone will want to know your secret and learn more about the content you generate.

If you do not have enough friends who can highlight your Account on Instagram, you can buy follower packages for very little money online.

Such action has several advantages from which you can make the most of. It is time to be the most popular and with the most followers on this social network. Dare yourself!

Let’s see some reasons why buying real Instagram followers is common practice today.

Instagram has more than a billion active users per month.

More than 65% of the most viewed publications correspond to brands or products.

This platform is used by more than 70% of the brands in the United States as a means of advertising and promotion.

Instagram users are a reasonably active community with a high level of interaction. Most consume the material they are observing. More than 80% of Instagram users follow at least one brand or business profile.

Advantages of buying real followers on Instagram


If you are a company that is starting and you want to publicize your product, buying real Instagram followers is ideal since.

You choose us, so together with good content, this strategy increases the possibility of reaching more users and promoting and positioning your profile.

Let’s see some of the most prominent pros of this strategy.

1. Attract more users

It may seem irrelevant to you, but the more followers a profile has, the more attractive and reliable it is for other users. Also, if your goal is to become an influencer, this is an excellent option to start.

2.It is an economic strategy.

Price is not something you need to worry about. There are various platforms, such as Create Online Advertising, that allow you to buy cheap Instagram followers; it all depends on the package you select and the objective you want to achieve.

On the web, you can find specialized sites for selling followers and likes on Instagram. This is where you can get packages with different amounts of followers, each with a specific price.

Choose the one that suits you or you prefer, and you will pay just a few dollars for 1,000 new and brand-new followers, for example.

Or if you want 50,000 followers, you will surely have to spend more money. Either way, you can pay only the fair amount according to what you need, and it won’t be an astronomical figure.

This is another of the significant advantages of buying your friends on Instagram.

3.Increased popularity

Once you decide to buy followers on Instagram and get a lot of them, you start to notice the consequences immediately.

Since it can work to attract the attention of other followers who will follow your profile spontaneously, little by little, you will increase your popularity on the network, and everyone will want to be part of your contacts.

4.No need to waste time

It is so. You don’t have to spend too much time building new followers through your posts and looking for others to follow you back.

Buy new followers, and the number of them will increase in the coming hours, without even lifting a finger.

Otherwise, you would have to follow and wait for the follow back from other people.

Make new friends through forums or posts, or be famous for having everyone at the bottom of your stories. Pay just a small fee, and you’ll have instant friends on Instagram.

5.Greater Visibility

If you use your Instagram profile to promote a specific brand or product, buying followers can increase the visibility of your account.

More people will want to know what you do and why, and they will be interested in knowing more than what you advertise.

Without a doubt, buying followers on Instagram can have real advantages that are favorable to improve the positioning of your profile.

Gain attention, with little effort and very little to pay. In this way, you will be the next star, and everyone will want to like your posts.

6.Better customer willingness

It happens that an Instagram account with few followers does not offer the trust that it should show, and the problem may be simply because the account has just been created, and there are no followers.

The potential client may interpret that the information shown is not of quality.

On the other hand, if you see that the account does have followers, you will be more predisposed to follow the page because unconsciously, it will interpret that X people cannot be wrong and that the content shown here is of interest.

7.More profitable

Reaching this number of followers is as rewarding as it is costly at the level of effort. In fact, in some cases, even though the aim is a constant, the results do not end up coming, making this effort in vain.

Buying famous followers, for example, is a faster and cheaper way of reaching many followers. More economical, because even if it is a payment option, the invested expense is sure to be less than the time taken to achieve those followers naturally.

You just have to find the follower provider that offers the best conditions and start enjoying a broad community.

8.They can be real followers.

And is that many of these providers, rather than followers, what they facilitate are bots that do little more than increase the number of followers, but do not interact.

Others, such as Los Amos, do provide real followers, followers who like and comment on the publications shown.

And this is another of the indications that will make the potential follower, whether or not to follow an account, the customer’s interaction with the company, and vice versa. 

It is also possible while you buy followers to buy packs I like that also influence the perception of the client.

9.Increase visibility

If the follower interacts, the chances that the displayed message will be shared are much higher, so the purchase of followers will also be helping these publications have a greater reach.

So not only will you be reaching more people (and of course more potential followers), but it will also be done more effectively

10.Speed and simplicity

No other way is so fast to reach 10,000 followers (to say a figure) since some pages like Los Amos guarantees that in a period not exceeding 10 minutes, the client can arrive this amount.

Also, you will only have to enter an account username and have provided a PayPal account or a credit card.

Advantages and Disadvantages at the User Level



Advantages and Disadvantages at the Brand-level



Frequently Asked Questions about Buying Instagram Followers.

By buying Instagram followers, your business or personal account will gain recognition and presence on social networks. We all tend to evaluate the popularity and influence of an Instagram account through its number of followers. Therefore, you will notice that, after buying followers or followers, Instagram users will be more interested in following you and interacting with you. You will get more followers and faster. Also, accounts with more followers tend to appear better positioned in Google and Instagram search results so that you will get more visibility.

We accept payments on our website through PayPal. If you want to buy Instagram followers by some other electronic payment method such as Mercado Pago, Bitcoin, or some cryptocurrency, please contact us, and we will tell you how to proceed. Through PayPal, it is possible to make payments by debit or credit card.


It is possible to buy geographically segmented followers. Still, the services that are purchased directly from our website are not segmented. To inquire about the availability of followers in a particular country, you must contact us via email or WhatsApp number, and we will indicate prices. You can also check for followers who are only Spanish-speaking or who speak a particular language. Please note that we do not always have followers from certain countries or languages.

Hiring our services is entirely safe and does not pose any risk to your account. Instagram won’t suspend or delete your account for purchasing followers. Also, we will never ask you for your password, or we will have access to manage your account by any means. We only need that your account is public and not private, that is, that your photos and videos are visible.

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There is no limit on the number of followers or followers you can buy for the same Instagram account. Be careful not to make purchases simultaneously: only create a new order once the previous one has already been delivered. Also, avoid running different campaigns or increasing numbers through other sources at the same time, since once the followers are delivered, it is not possible to discern what source they come from. You will not be able to measure the effectiveness of your campaigns.

In the unusual case that any inconvenience arises after purchasing Instagram followers, you can contact us through our contact form within 30 days from the date of purchase. After 30 days, there is no possibility of a claim. Keep in mind that hindering or blocking access to the account invalidates our guarantee, also as resorting to other services in your account simultaneously with ours.

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Final Words

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